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Simple Experiments

Simple science experiments

We’ve listed a few easy-peezy science experiments which you can do along with your kids or let them do it by themselves. Because after all, kids the more kids see and observe things happening, the faster and better they understand the underlying concepts and theories associated with it. So let’s have a look at some of these simple-with-a-powerful message science experiments!

1. For explaining how plant systems and tissues work, you can keep a couple of white or faint colored flowers in a pot full of colored water. After a while when the color of the flowers changes, not only will your kids be amused but will also understand the way plants function and derive their source of nutrition from.

2. Dip a sharp tip in lemon water and write with it on a paper. Show it to the kids – they won’t won’t be able to see anything. But when you hold this very paper on a heat source, the kids will surely be stunned as to how amazingly the letters appear on the paper! This proves that lemon water contains carbon which is revealed when exposed to heat. Your kids will surely love this one as it is super spy-ish!

3. Teach your kids evaporation the right way – mix in a lot of salt and sugar in it and keep it under the blazing sun for a period – until the liquid evaporates and leaves back crystals of salt or sugar! Your kids will understand how salt which is in your home comes from and at the same time will follow the process of evaporation too.

4. Watch how the otherwise hard eggshell softens when placed in vinegar for a week! This is a superb chemistry experiment and will help kids understand how acids react with other substances.

5. You can plant a bean in a transparent cup – glass would be better to watch how the seed turns into a sapling. The transparency of the cup will allow your kids to watch how plants shoot up and down as they grow, giving them a clear understanding of plant systems.

6. Make your own little volcano at home! All you need is baking soda and vinegar! Add them together to make your fizzy eruption. You can even add color and glitter, to make your volcano look more authentic and fun!
See you until next time – with more such simple science experiments! Have fun doing these and catch up with the next ones too!