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Chemistry Experiment

Simple chemistry experiments for kids

Chemistry is really an exciting branch of science, and probably the most loved when it comes to experiments! Because we have a lot of reactions, eruptions, sound and color effect when chemicals combine. To make sure your little ones develop a liking for chemistry right since a yon age, you need to expose them to simple, but exciting experiments which will not only amuse your kids but will also develop a keep interest in this magical subject called chemistry! So let’s start off with some exciting experiments!

1. Blow up a balloon without you blowing air in it! Watch the spooky balloon blow up itself, as you place it on the mouth of a bottle that’s filled with baking soda and citric acid (lemon). The gas that is the outcome of this reaction is carbon dioxide, which slowly rises up and fills up the balloon!

2. Soda powered boats are really fun! So what you can do is, pin a hole at the base of a bottle, enough for a straw to sit tightly in it. You could even seal the hole up after inserting the straw to ensure water doesn’t enter through the sides. Put in some vinegar in a way that it won’t spill out. Then add in a spoonful of baking soda to it, and make sure both don’t mix together until you place the bottle in a tub of water. Watch the boat power through the water ( albeit for a short distance!).


3. Magic milk is one fun chemical experiment – You just need full-fat milk, floating dish soap, food, and some cotton. Pour the milk in a bowl with a wide mouth. Then pour drops of different colors on it – you could even add some glitter for extra effects. Then use a cotton swab, dip it in the dishwashing liquid and touch the drops of color – watch the colors magically spread into varied designs and patterns! Bring out your Picasso (without any extra efforts in it!)

4. Create your own slimy slime! All you need is cornflour, food, and water! Pour the cornflour in a bowl, add small amounts of water at regular intervals and keep stirring until a thick paste has formed. Add a few drops of food color to this mixture. Now mix the slime really slowly, then stir it really fast and then punch it! There you go – your slime is all ready!

Try these experiments along with your kids – I’m sure they’ll love them!